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Club Membership

The Lipa Football League is a developmental league that aims to promote interest and stimulate particpiation in the game of football in the City of Lipa and communities in its immediate vicinity.

Because its aim is development, the league aims for permanency and is open to accepting football clubs who
  • have stable membership;
  • are affiliated with a stable organization such as a school or company;
  • have existed for at least 2 years, possess a formal constitution and by-laws; and
  • implement a program for the development of young players.
The league has no interest in fly-by-night teams that are organized on-the-fly to play in one-day festivals. If you are a Lipa-based club, however, that meets the aforementioned criteria, and if you wish to participate in a league with matches scheduled according to the international calendar, then contact us when we open application for membership expansion.

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