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The Lipa Football League is a developmental project of the Lipa City-based football club Asociación Club de Fútbol Real Molinillo de Café. It was launched on August 2017 with the following founding clubs participating:
  • ACF Real Molinillo de Café
  • Brahman FC
  • FC Reigning Kickers
  • Kings FC
The league's primary objectives are:
  • stimulate interest and encourage participation in the game of football in the city of Lipa and communities within its immediate vicinity;
  • upgrade the standard of football in the defined area; and
  • provide a venue for football aficionados in the city to display their skills and abilities in the game of football.
The first season of the Lipa Football League was co-presented by the University of Batangas-Lipa City Campus and sponsored by The Fairway Clubhouse. As interest in the game grows in the city, the Lipa Football League hopes to expand by accepting more clubs in future seasons.


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